How to Start an Audio Journal: 6 Easy Steps to Begin Recording

To help you kickstart your audio journaling journey, here is our step-by-step guide to getting started.

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Step 1: Download an audio journaling app

Step 2: Hit record and just start talking…

Step 3: … Or choose a prompt for inspiration

Step 4: Embrace the silences

  • Play around with when you record: You might be too exhausted at the end of your day to put coherent thoughts together. See if another time of day works for you!
  • Try a daily starter: Our one-minute episodes help guide your audio journaling process, so use them to get started!
  • Talk through your day: Start off your audio journaling by describing your day. What did you do? How did it go? This can help get the ball rolling.
  • Pretend like you’re talking to a friend: Audio journaling is just like sending a voice message to a friend. Only in this case, the message isn’t going anywhere. But sometimes it’s helpful to envision yourself in a conversation.
  • Think out loud: What is going through your mind right now? It doesn’t matter if the thought is mundane or “I need to buy this at the grocery store”. Just start thinking out loud about everything that’s on your mind until you run out of things to process.

Step 5: Don’t listen back.

Step 6: Keep going

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