What Is Audio Journaling?

Learn more about audio journaling and how you can journal out loud with an audio journal app.

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3 min readJun 3, 2021
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What is audio journaling?

Audio journaling or voice journaling is the spoken version of a written journal, allowing you to articulate your thoughts out loud. Instead of a pen and paper, you use voice notes instead.

You record an audio journal entry right on your smartphone by using an audio journal app like Sound Off that captures and saves your voice recording. It’s as easy as hitting record and sounding off about whatever comes to mind.

How do you audio journal?

Getting yourself set up with audio journaling is the easy part. Just a quick hit of that record button!

However, the actual act of journaling by speaking can feel super foreign or uncomfortable for many people. What exactly are you supposed to say?

The short answer: Anything you want.

That’s the beauty of audio journaling. This audio recording isn’t going anywhere, it’s not getting published, and you have nothing specific to accomplish. The entire goal is to just start talking.

To give you some ideas about what you can audio journal about, here are some of our favorite things to sound off about:

  • Reflecting on your day: After a busy day, audio journaling is a great way to take a step back and reflect on everything that happened.
  • Practicing gratitude: Start or end your day by sounding off about a few things you are thankful for.
  • Setting an intention: Audio journaling is a great way to focus on the things you want, and start creating an action plan to help you get there.
  • Processing emotions: Just got out of a tough meeting or heated conversation? Audio journaling is a great way to talk it through.
  • Capturing a memory, thought, or idea: Don’t you hate forgetting that ah-ha moment or flash of inspiration you had earlier in the day? Audio journaling can happen on the go making it the perfect way to capture those moments you don’t want to forget.

Guided pathways with Sound Off

Sometimes you need more direction before you feel comfortable audio journaling. That’s why we started Sound Off, to make audio journaling a far more approachable, enjoyable, and relaxing experience.

In the Sound Off app, you have the option to listen to a wide selection of daily starters. These are one-minute episodes designed like mini-podcasts.

Each starter offers inspiration on a particular topic, such as fitness or gratitude, as well as prompts that you can use to guide your audio journaling. This makes it easier to start your audio journaling process and organize your thoughts.

While at first, this type of journaling style might feel uncomfortable, we promise that after a few times of audio journaling you’ll find that it gets easier and easier to just open up your app and start talking!

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