When’s the Best Time to Audio Journal?

Check out our curated list of all the perfect times to grab your phone and start audio journaling.

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3 min readJun 24, 2021

Journaling is great for getting thoughts out of your head, reflecting on the moment, or processing your feelings and thoughts. While you need to be sitting down with pen and paper to journal by hand, with audio journaling any in-between moment can become a journaling moment.

Here is our curated list of all the perfect times to grab your phone and start recording:

During your commute

Audio journaling is thinking out loud, making it possible for you to hit record and start talking even while you’re driving. You’re not doing anything other than focusing on the road, so it’s the perfect time to reflect on how you’re feeling that day or anything else that comes to mind. Even if you take public transportation, you can put your headphones in and pretend like you’re having a conversation with a friend!

On a walk

Next time you take the dog for a walk or take a stroll through the park, open up your audio journaling app and start recording. Nature offers a great backdrop for reflection, making it easier to talk without worrying about other distractions. Plus a walk offers a specific allotment of time for you to just start talking without worrying about how long you’ve been recording.

Before you go to bed

Right before you turn out the light and head to bed try opening up your audio journaling app. This is a great way to wrap up your day, reflect on any highs and lows, voice any lingering thoughts, or reflect on what you want to accomplish tomorrow. It’s a natural point of transition, making it a great time for audio journaling.

After you wake up

You might be more of a morning person and prefer to audio journal right as you start your day. This is a great way to set an intention, outline any goals for yourself, or reflect on any part of your schedule that is giving you anxiety. Or maybe your brain is bursting with ideas and thoughts after waking up that you don’t want to forget. This starts your morning on the right track instead of jumping right into your to-do list.

When you can’t fall asleep

Instead of tossing and turning, sometimes the best way to get those needed Zzs is to open up your audio journaling app and talk through those pesky thoughts and anxieties that are keeping you up at night. Getting it all out could be exactly what you need to calm your mind and get to sleep.

After a stressful event or situation

After a tough conversation, difficult presentation, or just a really bad day, it’s tempting to want to forget about it and move on. But those stressful situations have a way of living rent-free in our minds and never letting us forget them. Instead of setting those feelings aside, take some time to talk through exactly what happened and how it made you feel. You might find that talking it through actually helps you manage your feelings towards the situation and reduce any stress or anxiety you might be feeling.

What are your favorite times to audio journal? Let us know in the comments below!

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