What Are the Benefits of Audio Journaling? 6 Powerful Reasons to Start

Whether you’re processing your emotions, reflecting on your day, or capturing a feeling or thought before it escapes, there are plenty of benefits to audio journaling.

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3 min readJul 22, 2021
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1. Captures your thoughts and feelings in the moment

Given the time it takes to put pen to paper this makes it easy to filter yourself with written journaling. With audio journaling, you can capture those raw thoughts and feelings right as they come out of your head. This enables you to get deeper in the moment and talk through what you’re experiencing right then and there.

2. Helps you process your emotions

As you’re unloading those raw feelings and emotions, audio journaling can also give you an outlet to process what you’re feeling. This is especially helpful if you’re having a tough day, going through a stressful situation, or can’t get a particular feeling or thought out of your head. Talking it through gives more clarity to the situation and airs out your concerns until they seem less intense.

3. Improves your communication skills

The more you audio journal, the better you’ll get at expressing yourself and articulating your thoughts. When you audio journal you learn how to express in words what you’re feeling in your head, which is not an easy skill! This not only helps you process your thoughts and feelings but makes you a great communicator. Your relationships will thank you!

4. Boosts your decision-making capabilities

The key to good decision-making is critical thinking. This involves examining your options from every angle until you can decipher the best path forward. With audio journaling, you’re practicing this very skill by processing what you’re feeling and talking through a situation to better understand what’s going on. With a greater understanding of yourself and your situation, you can make smarter decisions.

5. Reduces stress and anxiety

As you process your emotions, air out your concerns, improve your communication, and make smarter decisions you’ll find that you also feel less stressed or anxious. This is all thanks to audio journaling and taking time to open up your phone and sound off about how you’re feeling.

6. Encourages action towards your future goals and aspirations

Audio journaling is not just about talking through the present, but about planning for the future. The more you take time to reflect on what you want and plan how you’re going to get there, the faster it’ll be to reach your goals.

Give Audio Journaling A Go.

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