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If you roll out of bed and…

  • Immediately hit that snooze button
  • Grab your phone to scroll through Instagram
  • Or rush right into the day’s activities

… then you might be losing out on some valuable productivity. While there are a lot of productivity hacks out there, one that sets…

Woman with headphones on audio journaling with her phone while sitting down outside
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1. Captures your thoughts and feelings in the moment

Given the time it takes to put pen to paper this makes it easy to filter yourself with written journaling. With audio journaling, you can capture those raw thoughts and feelings right as they come out of your head. …

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If you’re new to a meditation practice or just feeling intimidated by the idea of meditation, these mindfulness-focused activities are great ways to either ease you into meditation or act as a replacement.

Because, let’s face it, we’ve all been there. You’re sitting down ready to meditate and your mind…

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Journaling is great for getting thoughts out of your head, reflecting on the moment, or processing your feelings and thoughts. While you need to be sitting down with pen and paper to journal by hand, with audio journaling any in-between moment can become a journaling moment.

Here is our curated…

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So you want to start audio journaling! But where to begin? Here is our step-by-step guide to getting started.

Step 1: Download an audio journaling app

While you can always record your voice through voice memos, it doesn’t always make for the best experience.

For one, there are no prompts to help guide you through audio journaling…

Golden old fashioned microphone on a wooden table with a blue background
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Audio Journal vs. Written Journal

Aside from the obvious voice vs. text, there are actually a lot of differences between audio and written journaling.

Here are five ways that audio journaling is different from your classic pen and paper journal:

It’s convenient

You carry your phone with you everywhere you go, whereas you might not always have…

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